A couple of months ago I purchase a couple of variant of this domain, as far as I understand, Verisign allows each registrar to request via EPP to sort of renew expiry dates by padding up based on a dollar a month or so.

There is a couple of big registrar that offer this service however but I ended up picking because the interface to do this seems simple enough. Well, it didn’t work out as plan because the interface is “down for maintenance” since last year.

So today I decided to give those bulk reseller registrar( a try, since they suppose to expose the API and pretty much act as a API gateway right? So I signed up and shifted my .net and .com over, and lo and behold, the API provided doesn’t seems to support it.

I am wondering right now if I should move the domain back to a larger registrar like godaddy before finally moving them to cloudflare. These steps is going to take a long long time with all the transfer lock and blocks.