Finally got my anamorphic adapter

A decently well maintained ISCO Ultra Star 2.1(red), quite happy with the purchase and only has a minor chip in the rear element. Might dip some black pain to fill it in the future but it seems to be alright for now.

Focus Ring

LensFocus NearFocus InfinityZoom OutZoom In
Sigma 18-35ClockwiseCounterCounterClockwise
Sigma 24-70 DNClockwiseCounterClockwiseCounter
Old Canon 35-80ClockwiseCounterClockwiseCounter
Panasonic 14-45ClockwiseCounterCounterClockwise
Sony Zeiss 35 2.8ClockwiseCounter
Sony Zeiss 58 1.8ClockwiseCounter
Contax C/YClockwiseCounter
Just for reference, Canon EF focus counter clockwise to infinity as well. Nikon and Pentax seems to be the odd one.

Useful Birthday Present

I got a Makita “SUPER-HEAVYWeight” Champion Belt, the name is really ridiculous but I must say it is extremely useful.

However I had replace the original Makita leather belt with a ThinkTank belt, the main reason being is that the Makita belt is too heavy duty and it become a little cumbersome for quick wear/release.