SmallRig NP-F Battery Adapter

The new SmallRig NP-F adapter that I pre-ordered awhile back just arrived at my place this morning, it is basically a redesign version that is much more streamline to the look and feel of the typical SmallRig cages and accessories. Anyway as of now I am not affliated with SmallRig so I do not earn anything from this post.

Update (2020-07-11): They do seems to have a affiliation program so if you want to sign up and buy something from them you can do so using this link, but I got no idea what I would get though.

My existing setup consist of a bulky V-Mount plate and battery with a D-Tap to Weipu SF610 cable

This adapter kit is pretty complete, it comes with a DC7.4 to LP-E6 adapter which you can use to directly power the BMPCC4K with, or you can choose to use the DC12 to Weipu SF610 cable and run the BMPCC4K in a dual battery configuration(which is much better).

Rather then using the default d-ring screw, this mounting location allows me to use 2 bolts to have a more secure fitting on the BMPCC4K cage.

The default screw on the plate is a small d-ring quick release screw
Battery indicator is pretty bright. The button is meant for displaying the indicator only, there is no on/off switch.

My only issue with this plate is that an on/off switch would had been way more useful than a battery indicator button. Is there a reason for a battery indicator button when the blue power LED is always on? Why not just have the indicator to be always on as well and use the button for a on/off?

My rig is finally Pocketable! In Blackmagic terms that is.


A couple of months ago I purchase a couple of variant of this domain, as far as I understand, Verisign allows each registrar to request via EPP to sort of renew expiry dates by padding up based on a dollar a month or so.

There is a couple of big registrar that offer this service however but I ended up picking because the interface to do this seems simple enough. Well, it didn’t work out as plan because the interface is “down for maintenance” since last year.

So today I decided to give those bulk reseller registrar( a try, since they suppose to expose the API and pretty much act as a API gateway right? So I signed up and shifted my .net and .com over, and lo and behold, the API provided doesn’t seems to support it.

I am wondering right now if I should move the domain back to a larger registrar like godaddy before finally moving them to cloudflare. These steps is going to take a long long time with all the transfer lock and blocks.

Hello world!

It’s been awhile since I setup wordpress, so many years has passed since b2/cafelog.

My original intention was to start a fresh blog once more on my birthday, it was a little silly for a “launch date” for a site that probably no one will visit, but who cares?